Accessories for Computers

Input and Output Devices for Computers

A computer accessory, or peripheral, is an input or output device that is connected to a computer, but it is not part of it. Generally speaking, they are devices that are external to the central processing unit of a computer. Technically speaking, however, devices located within the central processing unit are also peripherals, such as CD/DVD ROM drives or internal hard drives. Sometimes, the accessories are dependent on the computer to function, but not always. Input devices are used to interact with the computer, such as mice, keyboards, webcams, and microphones. Output devices are accessories which provide output to the computer user, such as monitors, printers, and scanners.

Input Devices

A computer mouse is a peripheral used as a pointing device to navigate the screen. It functions by detecting motion relative to the supporting surface that the users move. The motion translates into the motion of a pointer on a computer display or screen, allowing for control of a graphical user interface (GUI). A computer keyboard is a typewriter-like device with a number of keys that allow the user to input letters, numbers, symbols, and commands to a computer or similar device. A webcam is a video camera connected to a computer which allows users to see real-time images of themselves or whatever is in the view of the webcam on the computer screen. A microphone is similar to a webcam; instead of capturing video, it captures audio and converts it to an electronic state.

Accessories for Computers

Output Devices

A computer monitor is the most used output device of a computer. It electronically displays instant feedback of video and graphics generated by the video card of the computer. They are actually very similar to televisions, but monitors typically have much higher resolutions. A printer is a peripheral or accessory that accepts a text and/or graphic output from a computer and transfers that output onto paper. In other words, a printer represents an electronic document on physical media. In computing, a scanner is a device that converts images, text, or objects into digital images. It does this by optically scanning the image into a digital representation which can be viewed on a computer.