External Hard Drives

How to Find the Best External Hard Drive

Most computer owners need to back up some of their essential data. While some people put their data on the cloud, others want easier access and more security. With an external hard drive, a consumer can back up his or her data and secure vital information from thieves and hackers. While this is true, a buyer should, when using this solution, know his or her options and what to look for in an external drive.

Enterprise: With a network area storage drive, staff members can share all the essential information across the office. Now, when connecting the drive, many opt for a wired Ethernet connection as it is faster than wireless and more secure. However, to have a seamless and easy experience, some business owners purchase a NAS drive and set up wireless data sharing network. With this option, workers from anywhere in range can get access to files. With that being said, when using wireless to transfer vital information, the IT team should follow the proper protocols and use multiple encryption methods to protect the information from hackers.

External Hard Drives

Portable: Many times, a person on the go will want a portable storage solution. This is beneficial for a traveling worker or individual who never stays in the same place. Other times, it is great for a larger enterprise with multiple offices and dozens of employees. When using this solution, one will need to connect the device to their workstation using an Ethernet cable or USB cable. This is the best solution for a person that requires mobility and cannot afford to wait to transfer files over the Internet. Now, this is not always the best solution for a person working on a laptop out of the office. However, with an external power source, a user will not worry about any serious issue with an external and portable drive.

Speed: When looking at both solutions, a consumer should consider transfer speed. Now, the fastest and most efficient way to transfer data over a network is to use Ethernet although it is not simple as some drives will perform more efficiently than others, and it is up to a consumer to verify the best setup for his or her needs.

Safety: As mentioned, an IT staff or professional must set up multiple levels of protection. Otherwise, criminals can, with ease, access files and hold the company hostage. While a professional can protect the information, a company must weigh the needs of employees against the ease of use. Simply put, when overzealous with protection, some staff will grow frustrated when trying to use their information. A company owner must remember that one false move can cost the organization dearly, and it is crucial to protect data thoroughly.

An external hard drive can help an individual back up vital data and prevent any catastrophic problems in the future. When a person knows what they need, they can, with ease, run down to the store or go online and pick up their desired external hard drive.