PC Flash Memory

How PC Flash Memory Works and Why It's So Powerful

A lot of people are wondering what flash memory is, and they're also wondering if it might change data storage forever. A typical computer can hold hundreds of different files and several hundred gigabytes of data.

Consumers use the personal computer to store documents, music files, digital pictures and a wide range of media files. However, not everybody wants to keep all of their data on their computer. In fact, it's actually not a good idea to store everything on a single computer.

This is where flash memory comes into play. Some people use flash memory to store backups of their important files while others use it to transfer data from on computer system to another. Flash memory is not entirely new, but it offers quick and easy data storage.

When compared to similar portable file storage, flash memory should be viewed as a hard drive. However, unlike traditional devices, flash memory doesn't have any moving parts, which is why it's called solid-state storage.

What is a USB Flash Drive Used For?

Flash memory can be used in a variety of different devices. It's commonly used in memory cards, memory sticks for digital cameras, Smart Media and CompactFlash.

All modern computers have what is called a BIOS chip, which handles crucial settings. The majority of BIOS chips are actually forms of flash memory. The memory cards that are used for gaming consoles are also forms of flash memory.

Fingerprint Encryption

One of the advantages of using a USB flash drive is the additional security. However, not all flash drives have fingerprint encryption, but the ones that do have it offer an extra layer of security.

Storing and transferring data on a flash drive should be performed in a secure manner, and the additional encryption from fingerprint technology can help to keep sensitive information safe.

Flash drives that encrypt information with fingerprint technology use the same encryption that is used for military data. With such a strong layer of security, an intruder will have a very hard time obtaining the sensitive data.

Expandable Storage

Flash memory is a type of expandable storage, and when compared with other devices that store data, flash memory is very fast. It can be used to store or access data quickly and efficiently.

Consumers can use a flash drive to store data from gaming consoles, computers and a variety of electronic devices. However, the majority of flash drives are used with digital cameras. Depending on how much data it can store, a flash drive can be used to expand storage for an iPad or computer.

Write and Erase Cycles

Whenever data is written and erased from PC flash memory, it's called a cycle. For the longest time, experts believed that a typical flash drive was capable of only 10,000 cycles, but after extensive testing, some flash drives have been pushed beyond 100 million cycles.

However, in terms of portable memory, flash still reigns supreme. It's important to remember though that flash memory, like everything else, is not perfect. Certain flash drives have been pushed to 100 million cycles but most flash drives wear out at about 10,000 cycles.

For the way that most consumers will use a flash drive, 10,000 cycles is plenty. Due to the fact that they're quite inexpensive, PC flash drives should stay popular for a while.

Anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, effective data storage device should look into getting a flash drive. When compared with other data storage devices, flash memory will last much longer, and it's able to transfer and store data faster and for longer.