Computer Keyboards

Understanding and Purchasing Computer Keyboards

When searching for a computer keyboard to buy, the average consumer has hundreds of choices, so how is he or she ever supposed to find the right keyboard? By understanding the different types of computer keyboards, consumers will find it much easier to choose and purchase a keyboard that is suitable for their needs.

Bluetooth Keyboards

To understand how this keyboard works, it's important to have a basic understanding of the technology.

Put simply, Bluetooth is a wireless protocol. It connects a keyboard to devices that don't come with a keyboard. In most cases, this type of keyboard runs on AAA or AA batteries, and it can be used almost anywhere.

Computer Keyboards

This type of keyboard is just like a regular keyboard, but it has been created specifically to be used with a computer. These keyboards can usually be folded, so they're very easy to use and convenient.

Many of these keyboards aren't even made from a physical material because they use laser projection. In the end, this type of keyboard is perfect for consumers who enjoy unmatched portability.

Solar-Powered Computer Keyboards

The name pretty much explains what type of keyboard this is. Once solar technology was created, it was only a matter of time before the technology would be implemented into computer keyboards and other devices. A solar keyboard extracts electricity from sunlight, so it doesn't require wires or batteries.

Most solar keyboards are made from PVC-free plastic, and they're also eco-friendly. It's common for a solar keyboard to have two small solar panels on top. The panels feed electricity to an internal battery.

The fact that the keyboard uses an internal battery means it can be charged while in sunlight and used later with electricity from the battery. Manufacturers made the solar keyboard wireless because it dramatically increases convenience.

Since a solar-power keyboard requires zero wires, it provided maximum portability and ease of use. They work well for people who travel often.

Holographic Computer Keyboards

The newest kid on the block is the holographic keyboard. Holographic technology is truly revolutionary. A traditional keyboard requires computer users to strike the keys with their fingers.

Holographic keyboards work on the same basic principle, but instead of striking physical keys, computer users are striking holographic keys, which are projected onto a surface.

Although they're called holographic keyboards, they don't really use legitimate holographic technology; they project the image of a keyboard onto a surface and use motion-sensing technology.

An interactive 2D image is projected by a holographic keyboard, and many computer users love this type of keyboard because it enables them to project the interactive keyboard on almost any surface.

Apple Keyboards

Here is a type of keyboard that has been created by Apple. It's primarily used for Apple products, but it works well for virtually any type of computer. Over time, Apple has released two different types of keyboards: a wireless keyboard and a full-sized keyboard.

The wireless model connects to a computer using Bluetooth technology. What makes an Apple keyboard different from other products is its slim profile. When choosing a keyboard, consumers need to consider where they'll be using the keyboard.

Consumers who travel often should consider a solar-powered keyboard. Consumers who want a new and exciting way to interact with their personal computer should consider a holographic keyboard.

However, before making a purchase, consumers must also take into consideration the compatibility of the keyboard to the computer.