Refurbished Computers

Reasons to Buy Refurbished Computers

Refurbishment is simply the distribution of products, especially electronics, which have been previously used or returned to the manufacturer or vendor for a variety of reasons. Refurbished computers are tested for functionality and defects before they are resold to the public. There is an obvious distinction between refurbished computers and used computers, and that is the testing involved before they are resold. In addition, refurbished computers may be new products (at least, new to the market), but were returned to the manufacturer for whatever reason. Refurbished computers are generally sold to the public at a discounted price, even if the items are in perfect condition. Since most refurbished products come with a limited warranty, buying a refurbished computer may be one of the best ways to get a deal on a computer or laptop.

The most common reason for refurbishment is when computers are returned to the manufacturer due to defects. However, they are also returned to the manufacturer for other reasons such as a box being damaged in shipping, or they were computers that were used in sales displays or demonstrations. Some refurbished computers are a result of being part of a lease program. This occurs when computer user leases a computer for a period of time and then returns it when the lease expires. Other refurbished ones are a result of donation: people have donated their computers either to an electronic recycling program or to charities or non-profit organizations.

Refurbished Computers

Some people are afraid to buy refurbished computers because they believe they are worn and ineffective, but this is clearly not the case. When computers are returned for whatever reason, the manufacturers and vendors run the computers through a variety of tests to ensure the computer is in working condition before it is resold to the public. Hard drives are formatted or wiped, and the operating systems are freshly installed. Computers usually come with a fresh keyboard and mouse, too. Then, the entire system is put into a fresh box and is labelled as a refurbished computer. In other words, purchasing a refurbished computer directly from a manufacturer is like buying a brand new computer at a discounted price; it should perform and look as good as new.

Some of the best places to purchase refurbished computers are actually major retailers. They include the Dell Outlet, the Apple store, the HP outlet, the Lenovo Outlet Store, Best Buy, and Futureshop. All of these retailers stand behind their refurbished computers, and each computer comes with a new warranty.