Computer Repair

Methods of Computer Repair

Computer repair, not to be confused with computer maintenance, is the process of identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving problems in a computer. Computer problems fall within one of two main categories: hardware issues or software issues. Usually, computer repair is done by technicians who offer a computer repair service. These technicians are highly-skilled in the field of computers, both in hardware and software, and usually have some sort of post-secondary education related to computers. Computer repair technicians offer repair service for both office and personal computers. Common issues that require computer repair include, but are not limited to, viruses, software bugs, spyware and malware problems, operating system upgrades, driver incompatibilities, complete operating system overhauls, network connectivity issues, and failed hardware components.

Hardware Repair

A computer repair technician generally works within five categories of hardware: PCs, laptops, servers, computer clusters, and mobile computing. In addition, peripherals such as input devices, data storage devices, and hard drives fall under the category of hardware repair. A computer repair technician will use diagnostics tools in order to determine the hardware fault. If the diagnostics tools fail to deliver an identifying issue, a technician will individually check the main components that generally require repair: random access memory (RAM), hard drive (HD), power supply, and optical drive.

Computer Repair

Software Repair

More often than not, software issues are related to the operating system's configuration or updates, viruses, installed applications, and other software services. In order to do software repair, a computer repair technician will run diagnostics tools in order to detect the problem. Common techniques for software repair include adjusting settings and/or preferences, installing, uninstalling, or reinstalling software packages, system restores, and even complete operating system overhauls. A technician will try to avoid reinstalling an operating system whenever possible, as all personal documents are lost during the formatting process.

There are many options when it comes to computer repair services, from giant electronic store chains such as Best Buy's Geek Squad, to small family-run computer repair stores. Different methods of computer repair include bringing your computer to the store for repair, mobile service (where technicians go to your home to repair the computer), and remote service. Remote computer repair is where a computer repair technician would remote into your computer via the Internet, take control of your computer, and attempt to repair it that way. All three methods of repair have their disadvantages. Bringing your computer to a store could be troublesome and heavy, especially if you are bringing a large desktop CPU. Mobile service repair is the most costly because they charge higher premiums to cover transportation. Remote repair cannot repair most hardware issues.