Gaming Computers

The Distinction between PCs and Gaming Computers

Gaming computers are personal computers designed to play highly-demanding computer games. They are constructed specifically to play computationally-demanding computer games and to process the enormous amounts of data that these games require. A gaming computer is similar to a conventional desktop PC, except that it has performance-oriented components within. These main components include higher-end central processing units (CPUs) with one or more high-end video cards and cooling systems within so that the computer does not overheat. The reason gaming computers are so popular amongst game enthusiasts is that with faster CPUs and better graphics cards come less lag time between gamer' input and its transfer onto the screen.

One distinction between a regular PC and a gaming computer is the amount of random access memory, or RAM, the computer has. Gaming computers normally have a larger amount of RAM in order for the CPU to quickly access information held in storage. This, in itself, is essential for successful gaming. Also, these computers generally have a larger number of universal serial bus (USB) ports for all the inputs that gamers use, including, but not limited to, game controllers, steering wheels, guns, pedals, and joysticks. They generally have higher end sound and video cards, since crisp, sharp audio and video are essential elements in gaming.

Gaming Computers

Due to the large variety of high-end hardware required for gaming, gaming computers are typically open for user customization, rather than being purchased pre-assembled. This allows for easy upgrades depending on the gamer's budget. When buying a gaming computer, users can customize the CPU, RAM, the motherboard, video cards, hard drives, sound cards, power supplies, and even the exterior case. In fact, many gamers today customize their cases for aesthetic purposes and to distinguish the PC as a gaming computer.

One thing to consider when deciding where to buy gaming computers is price. Some of the best gaming computers are manufactured by Alienware, which is a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc. Alienware offers a multitude of different gaming computers, with prices starting at $699 going all the way up to $4999 based on customization. Alienware was first established in 1996 and has grown to be one of the top competitors in the gaming computers market. Other popular gaming computer manufacturers include CyberpowerPC, Asus, Hewlett Packard, and Lenovo.