Apple Laptops

The Best Features of Apple Laptops

Unlike other companies, Apple adopts a very different approach. Rather than riddle the market with different models of laptops in various price ranges, a policy which is adopted by various top companies such as Sony, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba, Apple just produces two models, in varying screen sizes. There is the Macbook Air, which has earned widespread acclaim and praise for its thinness and battery life. The Air is available in an 11-inch and a 13-inch model. And, there's the Macbook Pro, designed for the more work-oriented professional. The Macbook Pro comes in a 13-inch and a 15-inch model.

Now, the prices of Apple laptops obviously are extremely high in comparison to other companies. While you are able to get a top-notch laptop for around $1,000 to $1,200 from any other company, the good deals from Apple only start from $1,500, which means that you will be shelling out a significant amount of money on a laptop that is likely to be renewed and upgraded in a year. However, here are a few features of the Apple laptops that might convince you otherwise:

Apple Laptops

Retina Displays

Featuring the highest pixel per inch ratio found in any 15 inch laptop, the Retina Display from Apple is one of the finest pieces of technology. This blaring screen provides a stunning array of colors and gorgeous fluidity that easily sets it apart as one of the finest laptop screens that you can come across. Watching a movie on the Apple Macbook Pro will certainly convince you. With a resolution of 2560x 1940, the Retina Display is nothing short of eye-popping beauty.


The Apple Thunderbolt port opens up a world of new possibilities. This minuscule port is easily the most advanced piece of I/O technology at present, connecting high performance interfaces such as data devices and top notch display screens. Because it comes standard with all Mac screens and devices, creating an ecosystem within the household with an iMac and a Mac TV is a great idea.

Battery life

Previously, no laptop could come even close to the battery life provided by a Macbook. However, with the introduction of Ultrabooks, battery lives have improved considerably. Even then, nothing can rival the 10 hours purported battery life provided by a Macbook Air or the 8 hours that you can milk out of a Macbook Pro. Despite the constraints of the Mac OS X, Apple has massively improved its operating system and has really revamped the user interface, providing seamless connectivity and access to the latest apps. The Apple laptops are definitely worth the purchase for those who have the money, because the longevity and reliability of these laptops are second to none.