Laptop Brands

The Best Laptop Brands of the Year

Buying a laptop can be a troublesome task, considering the number of brand names being bandied around. From Apple to Sony to Dell to Lenovo and Toshiba, the sheer number of options available can often be overwhelming for most people. If you want something that provides maximum value for money and delivers a strong performance to match your needs, you really need to assess several factors before making the purchase. There are rugged laptops designed for people who want to carry on their work in a mobile manner, providing resistance to falls and unnecessary crashes. So, let's talk about the best brands of this year!


Without doubt, Apple takes the cake as the best brand of this year. The latest version of the Macbook Air has now been enhanced and is available in a 13-inch model, too, making it the perfect choice for most people. The more work-oriented Macbook Pro comes in a 15-inch model, featuring a Retina Display and a choice of a 256 GB or a 512 GB SSD. The Macbook series is not only beautifully designed and extremely thin, but these laptops are definitely worth the price. With such an expensive price, you expect top quality and the Macbook delivers. With battery life going on for as long as 8-10 hours in the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro delivering up to 8 hours, you can't expect anything more. The redesigned and improved Mac OS X Mavericks is even more responsive and much easier to use.

Laptop Brands


The Sony Vaio brand has been going steady for the past few years, but their latest Windows 8 models have really upped the ante. These larger companies are able to invest in the visual design of their models, providing greater performance and aesthetics, and the Sony Vaio doesn't disappoint. With an incorporated touch screen and various models coming with fingerprint sensors for added security, the sleek Sony Vaio Z and the Vaio S Series provide a very beautiful interface. The sharp-cornered edges are accentuated with an extremely vivid and colorful full HD display. With options available in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 Haswell processors, the Sony Vaio is a great choice whether you want a work or an entertainment-oriented laptop. Its backlit keyboard with island keys makes it easy to use, even in the dark.

Both Sony and Apple have received numerous accolades for their respective models in the past year, and with the Windows 8 operating system now providing significant updates and competition to Apple's Mac OS X, making the right choice can be very difficult.