The Perfect Tablet

Tablets not only have the ability use apps that will aid your business in digitally organizing its entire platform, but they can even help you when it comes to creating material. The screens have been getting brighter and bigger (sometimes reaching over 10 inches measured diagonally), and their technological power is becoming comparable to full size computers. When people think about the word "tablet" they usually automatically think of an iPad, which developed its nature as an iconic tablet due to Apple's success in the mobile industry. Other tablets, however, may be more compatible with the other technology currently present in the office. Having an idea concerning the specific features and compatibility required in a tablet will result in a tablet that can provide all the desired functionality.

Where to Start

Every tablet is going to be able to use full featured applications. This means that if you're going to use the tablets for video conferencing, you should go for one that has a better camera than others. Most tablets are great with word processing as well, so companies that are require the ability to write/type documents in potentially any location would find a benefit in owning tablets. Mobile devices allow a business to not only be more productive, but also to be leading edge at the same time. While the touchscreen can pose problems producing quick turnarounds, the accessories available along with apps can resolve this. Bluetooth keyboards, for example, can be used with most tablets, which makes them better than laptops in a sense. A tablet with a keyboard has more portability than a laptop. It could be placed in a purse or a very small pouch in a bag, which is opposed to a laptop that needs a larger area and padding to ensure it is protected. Just using a tablet will have disadvantages in an office, which can easily be averted by using the tablet in conjunction with a computer. Compatibility with computers allows for the work done on a mobile device to be easily accessible on a computer. The connections between a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone can allow for an employee performing any job to always be connected and to always be able to provide additional input concerning high priority projects.


Researching the list of top 5 tablets below will provide a context of the most advanced technology currently on the market, which will provide an avenue for a discussion regarding the applications to the office space.

  1. Google Nexus 10
  2. iPad 4
  3. iPad mini
  4. Google Nexus 7
  5. Sony Xperia Tablet Z