Wearable Computers

Google Glass is the future

When it was announced three years ago by Google's CEO Sergey Brin, many marveled at the concept of a wearable head-mounted display that makes use of bone conduction technology as well as audio interpretation in order to provide on screen display of information. Designed as a wearable glass frame, the Google Glass features a very small transparent screen that was capable of video recording as well as displaying information without disrupting your vision. Since it sits on just one eye, you could also use it over your prescription glasses to get a very clear view. Apps ranging from Twitter to Facebook have already been showcased on Google Glass.

For most people, the sheer amounts of possibilities that can arise from wearable computers exceed the imagination. For instance, you can easily record aspects of your daily life, and upload them on the internet without so much as moving a finger. It is often a problem for most people that they don't have camera at their disposal when they need the most. With a wearable computer such as a Google Glass, there is a 5 MP display attached to the frame of the device itself.

This year, the Google Glass was officially launched, after a beta version was given out to developers. However, being priced at $1,500, most people will defer purchasing such an expensive device primarily because there aren't many applications to tap into just yet. However, the paradigm will soon change.

Smart Watches

From the eyes to the wrists, wearable computers are becoming more and more flexible and easier to use. Samsung, Sony, Neptune Pine, Pebble are just some of the manufacturers who have introduced these smart watches into the fray. Ultimately, the Pebble Smart watch has received massive acclaim, primarily because of its simplistic features and affordable price. Using a monochrome display, the Pebble watch does more than just display time; it gives you information about calls and messages on your phone using a Bluetooth connection.

Then, there's the Samsung Smart Watch. Making use of a color display, the Samsung Smart Watch also provides basic functionality such as allowing you to receive calls, check messages, emails, and call logs. However, what the world is waiting for is Apple to introduce its offering in the wearable computer market for people. The wearable computer market is likely to explode in the next couple of years, as not only Apple, but Google is also looking to introduce its own variant into the market. All in all, it is easy to see that the market for wearable computers and head-mounted displays is going up.