Computer Clothing

What You Need to Know about Computer Clothing

The term 'computer clothing' is still a relatively new term. When you talk about computer clothing, the first term that comes to your mind is a uniquely designed piece of clothing that provides the latest electronic gadgetry right at your fingertips. That is not exactly correct. Computer clothing is still in its very early stages of development, and is still primarily shown in movies as well as virtual media. However, there are still various pieces of clothing that are now capable of incorporating your favorite computer actions. For instance, let's talk about the Twitter Bra.

The Twitter Bra was created by Nestle Fitness, and is primarily designed for one purpose: to remind women to check their breasts for symptoms of cancer. At an event, Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimus showcased the bra. Whenever she unhooked it, the bra would send out a tweet, reminding all her followers to get their breasts checked for signs of cancer. Even though the Twitter Bra was primarily designed for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the implications that the Twitter Bra provides cannot be understated.

For instance, this wearable computer makes use of a Bluetooth connection. The clasp of the bra actually contains a Bluetooth transmitter, and whenever it is unhooked, the bra sends out a tweet via your Twitter account incorporated in your cell phone. This is a unique concept that has achieved a lot of publicity, and the Twitter Bra has received a lot of acclaim from the world over.

Apart from that, you can also purchase LCD T-shirts that can connect via Bluetooth or a cable to your smart phone, automatically displaying a colored screen on the chest and displaying the animation of an 'amplifier'. These are available at very cheap prices, however, and can't actually be considered as computer clothing. Such pieces of clothing are perceived as the beginning of a completely new market as new and improved designs are introduced.

Even though computer clothing hasn't really brought about any innovation in the market, wearable computer accessories have really attracted a lot of attention. For example, the Google Glass, one of the most talked about devices in the past year, is now available for purchase from the Google Store, and provides an extremely nice interface for users. It makes use of audio technology in order to execute commands. There's the smart watch which makes use of your phone's Bluetooth connection in order to provide data and information, such as emails, messages, and music control from your wrist. For people who commute daily, the smart watch is a very viable option and an affordable one, too.