Wearable Head-Mounted Displays

Features of Google Glass

Three years ago, a completely new product graced the computer market: a wearable head-mounted display. Often regarded as the stuff used in sci-fi movies, the world gasped as Sergey Brin introduced the Google Glass in the most awe-inspiring fashion ever. Five parachutists jumped from a plane, and the view from their eyes was streamed live on a big screen, as they landed on the top of the building where the show was being broadcast, rappelled down, and then bicycled on the stage. The sheer audacity of the show left people speechless, as Sergey Brin announced to the world that Google Glass will be available for retail in a very short period of time.

Fast-forward three years, and you can now purchase the Google Glass for a hefty price tag of $1,500. However, this is more than just another device competing in the burgeoning tech universe. This is a statement from Google of the highest order; the company has just managed to create a completely new market for its customers – the market for wearable head-mounted displays.

As the Google Glass is available for retail, a number of new innovations have come to the fore. The Google Glass comes with numerous applications, which allow video recording and photo capture by just using audio commands. It is available with a sunglass frame, or you can have it fitted over your prescription glasses. Apart from showing you the time, all you have to say is 'OK Glass' to activate the device.

Wearable Head-Mounted Displays

Once activated, you just have to say 'Take a picture' to take a picture, or 'Record' to start recording. Live recordings in first person are extremely beautiful and allow you to capture exactly what your eyes see, providing a completely new paradigm in video recording. Moreover, Google Glass has also made navigation a lot easier. Just ask for directions, and Google Glass will give you details about where you have to turn or go. It also shows the amount of time it will take you to reach, as well as the distance. If you want to send a message to anybody, just dictate it and Google Glass will send it to the recipient that you choose.

Other features include translation as well as an option to ask for information on virtually any topic. For instance, if you want to know the length of the Brooklyn Bridge, just say it out loud, and the information will be displayed before your very eyes. Available in numerous different colors, the Google Glass is one of the finest wearable head-mounted displays in the market.