Wrist Computers

The Smart Watch

Wrist computers, or smart watches as they are commonly known, are similar to your standard fare wristwatch with a twist: they are able to provide you with the same functionality of your phone. If you have a Bluetooth connection in your phone -and usually everyone does, thanks to the vast market of smart phones- your smart watch will automatically connect to your smart phone and stream messages, call logs as well as music information right on your wrist. Smart watches were introduced by companies such as Neptune Pine and Pebble, both relatively new names that were crowdfunded on Kick Starter.

However, the market burst through when one of the largest tech companies in the world, Samsung introduced its own version of the smart watch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch makes use of a colored display and has a small touch screen. The Galaxy Gear smart watch provides four icons for messages, call logs, music, and a call receiving option. It connects with your smart phone and provides real-time updates. Thanks to the smart watch, you don't have to spend a great deal of your time looking up at your phone again and again; information is displayed directly on your smart watch.

The wrist computer market is expanding significantly now, with companies such as Neptune Pine, Pebble, ConnecteDevice, and even Sony introducing their variants. The Sony smart watch provides the option of an analog or a digital time piece, while you also get standard options such as checking your email, your messages, music navigation as well as your calendar.

Previously, many considered the wrist computer market as a flailing option until it was announced that companies such as Apple and Google had already patented their own versions of the smart watch, which are yet to be revealed. Many people often come up with the claim that the term 'wrist computers' should not be used because what these smart watches do is they connect with your phone to work properly. Without a connection, the smart watch is essentially just a time piece. There are several watches that don't even work as a proper time piece unless they are connected to the smart phones.

If you are looking to buy a smart watch, however, there are several options available in the market. Obviously, the Pebble is a great option. Available at a knockoff price of just $150, the Pebble Smart Watch provides a monochrome display and gets the job done by displaying information that is relevant to you. Even though the smart watch market hasn't really come to life, it is likely to burst as Apple and Google gear up to reveal their versions.